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Music Biography

I was born on the French island of Martinique, also known as Madinina, or "Island of Flowers".

I first developed a taste for music via dance, whilst growing up surrounded with various cultural influences, in a society where everything is celebrated in Music.

In the 1990s, I got involved with Pop singing, whilst studying in Pau, South-West France.

 I n 1995, I traveled to Great Britain. There, I did various Rock and Jazz circuits, enjoying the buzz of performing. Along my musical path, I encountered a recording by Barbara Hendricks, singing Duke Ellington songs.

It was whilst learning that Jazz repertoire that I discovered affinities with my head voice, and top soprano notes.

I also found a great affinity with the emotional contents within those pieces.

I went on to learn opera arias, and taking Bel Canto lessons, with various accredited teachers. Those include Valerie Saint-Martin, Ivor Flint, and Maureen Millmann.

I also attended workshops at various colleges, including Thames Valley University.

I took up private tuition, on how to relate to compositions, via the art of singing. I have studied great writings such as the ones of Bach, Mozart, Verdi, Haydn, Bellini, Saint-Saens, Handel...

I have also taken part in various London-based choruses, for over 10 years. One of them is the Chelsea Opera group, with whom I have learned to work under different guest conductors and chorus masters.

My voice covers 4 and a half octaves, up to a strong TOP F, with nice textures and tones.

I am a good and experienced sight-reader.

I have a very unique stage presence: a very tall and striking figure.

I am also a very versatile actor; please see the relevant page.

I have studied languages from age 11, and am extremely fluent in french and in English. I carried on with Latin and Spanish for 8 years, then learnt some more Latin in London for 2 years.

I am comfortable singing in German, French, Spanish, Italian, English, Latin.


As I grew musically, I also learned composing, and has taken classes on a private basis with Mr Rhys, who increased her awareness about musical structures, an their respective purposes...

I am currently developing a commercial career as a classical  and crossover singer, across the UK.

I am particularly fond of singing in churches.

I enjoy writing about music and its effects on the human mind:

London Actress Sandrine Anterrion

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
Friedrich Nietzsche